Broadreach Fiji Shark Studies — SS11 Update: Friday, July 11, 2014 “Say Yes to the Babs”

Broadreach Fiji Underwater Group PortraitToday’s update from Fiji was co-written by Maddie and Kevin:

As we near the end of our adventure, we woke up at 8:00 AM today to get last minute studying in for our final exam at 9:00AM. Everyone had their toast and cinnamon toast crunch for breakfast and at 9 o’clock we began the final. This final tied in all the information we learned through these past weeks to determine if we really knew our stuff.

3 hours passed and everyone was finally finished! It was truly a bittersweet moment because we were both done with intense studying yet we knew this meant our journey in Fiji would soon be over. The rest of today was left for diving and relaxing while also celebrating Holland’s 18th birthday! To pass time in between the final and diving, we played our daily rounds of the card game, ‘President,’ but soon enough, it was time to head to the dive shop for our last soft coral dive!

Everyone geared up and headed onto our boat, Predator, and sat in anticipation of another exciting dive. As the waters continued to get bluer and bluer we finally reached the diving site called E.T. The site consisted of beautiful swim throughs which all were alive with multiple types of coral and marine life. Definitely a great start to our last coral dive! The drift was a bit strong during the first dive but soon enough we were up on the boat to head to our surface interval on Bird Island!

Bird Island is a tiny island off the shores of the mainland in which we had to swim through in the crystal clear waters. Each of us took only our masks and our fins and made our way to the white sand beaches of the island. As we sat on the shore we talked and laughed and managed to play a game of hide and go seek which didn’t last very long because we were soon off to our second dive! The second dive was near bird island at a site we have been to prior to this dive. The reefs were as magnificent as always and it was great to be back at the dive site.

When we finally got home, each of us cleaned up and got ready for our dinner out at 6:30. We went back to Uprising where we had another great dinner and shared even more stories of our lives back home. We even ran into the instructors of the Fiji Advanced Scuba trip and had dinner with them as well. We came back to the villa and prepared the cake we made for Holland and sang happy birthday! It was definitely an exciting day!

P.S Happy Birthday Holland! We all love you and hope your day was amazing!

Broadreach Fiji Beach Portrait