100 Days of Leo Burnett, the Midwestern Master of Mascots DAY 12

Here’s today’s Leo:

We want consumers to say, ‘That’s a hell of a product’ instead of ‘That’s a hell of an ad.” — Leo Burnett

In The Art of Writing Advertising | Conversations with Masters of the Craft, AdAge Interviewer Denis Higgins talks to Leo Burnett:

Q: You were more interested in the technical end of the business — printing?

A: Well, no, they sent me down to the station to see who was coming in, who was leaving; and I used to chase all over the county on my bicycle — for obituaries — and started writing little stories for the newspaper at a very early age. And when I was in school, I worked during the summers at a newspaper. So, I always thought I was going to be a newspaper man.

Leo Burnett House Ad 1963

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