Webinar: The New Reality of Customer Care


I’ve written about customer care before. It’s a subject I’m quite passionate about — so passionate that I’ve worked with Dave Konrath and Ali Backscheider to create a webinar that looks at the new reality of customer care, and offers practical examples of how to not just solve customer issues, but anticipate them.

Click here to watch: Please Hold… All Representatives are Busy

Let’s face it, customer care teams are living through unprecedented times. They are experiencing an insane surge in call volumes at a time when call centers are being shut down or understaffed. Teams are finding themselves overwhelmed, inquiries are going unanswered, and customers are growing increasingly frustrated. The current crisis is not only impacting what is happening today, but it has implications that will change how we work going forward.

The solution? A Modern Customer Care Center that listens and responds in today’s social channels (Twitter, WeChat, Tumblr) as well as messaging and email. Modern care gives you the tools to turn care into the new marketing by not only reacting to customer needs but anticipating them.