Webinar: Best Practices for Crisis Management

At the risk of stating the obvious, we’re in the midst of a significant crisis. It’s not the first crisis the world has experienced. And it won’t be the last. So it’s worth our effort to be as prepared as possible.

We can’t always control a crisis — large or small. But we can control how we respond. This is true for our businesses and brands as well. 

Crisis Management

Modern channels — including social media, messaging, and chat — can compound a crisis. Fast-moving, and sometimes inaccurate, information can blindside you if you’re not prepared. That’s why my friend and coworker Paul Herman put together this webinar. 

It’s an informative 20 minutes of details on how to manage through a crisis on modern channels. It’s packed with best practices you can use now, and in the future. Plus, it includes a link to download a copy of the Modern Channel Crisis Management Playbook.

You can watch the on-demand webinar here:
Webinar: A Crisis Management Playbook for Modern Channels