Happy Birthday Mr Wunderman

Today is Lester Wunderman‘s birthday (June 22, 1920). Mr Wunderman is arguably one of the greatest marketing geniuses of our time. He is widely considered the creator of modern-day direct marketing. His innovations include the magazine subscription card, the toll-free 1-800 number, and loyalty rewards programs. He identified, named, and …more

“What is a Brand” by Stephen King (different Stephen King) and Jeremy Bullmore, JWT London (1973)

 Today is a very special day at copernicanshift.com. I have been waiting for YEARS for someone to post “What is a Brand” by Stephen King (different Stephen King) and Jeremy Bullmore (Twitter search) from JWT London, 1973. I have this film on 3/4” tape (and I still have a working 3/4” …more

TBT: Wonderful World of Marketing | Marketing a Better DeLorean

 Throwback Thursday: Today we take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to jump in the Wayback Machine to re-visit a classic Wonderful World of Marketing post. And since the new Spielberg movie (and Ernest Cline book) Ready Player One  was released this week, what better topic than the venerable …more

True Confessions, Easter Edition

 I hate eggs. They are one of the most disgusting food types imaginable to me, and I grew up hating them …more

Using Outlook Search Folders. You’re welcome…

 Here’s an oldie but a goodie — how Outlook Search Folders work. This is an absolutely mind-blowing time-saving tool, without which …more